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The goal of this blog is to provide useful information on every aspect of workplace health - from wellness and injury prevention through to rehabilitation and recovery at work.


Exercise for Mental Health


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Safe Work and Mental Health Month

What motivates Actevate to Move?

Introducing Actevate Exercise Physiologist- Tim Love 

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The flags of mental illness: Signs to look out for in employees & colleagues.

Mental illness, for many, is very much an internal struggle. It's not often that you sit in the common area at work and a colleague begins to discuss their depressed mood; nor as a manager are you likely to have employees rushing to arrange meetings with you to discuss their mental state. In fact, a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that, even in a mentally healthy workplace, 36% of employees would not approach their manager if they were mentally unwell, 43% would not approach HR, and 66% would not want anyone in the workplace to know they were experiencing a mental health condition.  

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