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Back to Work Blues - Workplace Mental Health in 2020

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Settling back into working life after the holiday period can be tough. The sudden shift from freedom and leisure to routine and responsibility can lower moods and result in some ‘back to work blues’. Reintroducing that work pressure after the silly season break can be stressful, leading to some anxiety and a lack of motivation, however there are tools and strategies that can be implemented to limit the impact of post-holiday sadness and support good mental health in your workplace.   

This period of adjustment back into the realities of daily life can have reduced productivity while employees are struggling to rediscover their work-life balance. The holiday period can also be when emotions run high for many people and an emotional comedown can be experienced following their return to work.

There are simple tools and strategies that can be utilised to improve your frame of mind for work:

 Give yourself some realistic career goals to focus on

 Planning your next holiday and give yourself something to look forward to

 Reflect but don’t dwell – appreciate the good experiences and lose the negativity

 Go outdoors and get some fresh air, it will clear your mind and brighten your outlook

Actevate also provides a range of mental health services that teach skills and provide knowledge that are key to improving workplace atmosphere.

Employee assistance programs (EAP) as a coaching service are able to give employees someone to talk to who can highlight the benefits that they can get from their work and environment. Our experienced and professional EAP counsellors are trained to handle stress management, work-life balance and anxiety + depression so they are prepared to bring your employees out of their post-holiday slump and ready to take on a new year.

We also conduct Mental Health Training Sessions in your workplace that can be catered to the needs of your company and employees.

Resilience training is a great way to combat the holiday blues through unique value-based training, designed to provide insight into emotional resilience and teach practical strategies to develop resilience. Resilience training equips employees with the knowledge and strategies to create a workplace that experiences more cohesion, less stress and greater productivity.

Benefits of resilience training:

 Boost productivity

 Enhance optimism

 Reduce stress

 Build emotional awareness

 Create a stronger, happier and healthier team

These strategies and services are designed to support and improve your employees’ mental health. If your workplace has been hit by back to work blues - Contact us to find out more information and give 2020 a more positive outlook.

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