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COVID-19: Online EAP Access

Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19: Working From Home

COVID-19 has many of us working from home in an effort to exercise social distancing. Did you know working from home can come with its own host of concerns and risks?

While it's so important to be safe and avoid the risk of COVID-19 - it's also important to be aware of the risks to mental health that can arise when working from home and have strategies and support available. 

Actevate's EAP services can be accessed through our Online Portal for when you and your team need some professional support and guidance. EAP provides confidential, short-term counselling and advice for your employees and their immediate family members. EAP can be utilised for any personal or work-related issues impacting employee well-being. Counselling is an informal discussion focused on determining the employee's concerns and their needs.


Working from home, especially when you're familiar with working with your team can be isolating. This can aggravate existing anxiety of depression and become overwhelming. Ensuring that you stay connected to people can be difficult but manageable through phone or video calls and instant messaging platforms. 

 Motivation + Procrastination

It's so easy to become distracted or be lured into 'holiday-mode' when you're at home for long periods. This significantly reduces your productivity and can harm your self-worth and ability to complete tasks. Setting small daily goals and limitations to hold yourself accountable is one way to combat this temptation, as well as staying in frequent contact with your coworkers to reduce isolation and keep your mindset in 'work-mode' throughout the day. 

 Time Management

In some cases, the opposite becomes true. Burnout and extreme stress are serious risks of working from home as you can sit in your own environment and get caught up in your work for extended periods of time. Timing yourself, making phone calls, taking breaks and moving away from your workspace frequently can help to avoid this and create some balance in your day. 


An uncomfortable or unsuitable home workspace can lead to injury, frustration and distraction - none of which are beneficial to your mental health or productivity. Ensuring that you have a good ergonomic setup and a calm, quiet environment will help boost productivity and have a more positive impact on your mental health. 

Contact us to find out more about these risks to mental health and find out more about accessing Actevate's Online EAP Portal. 

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