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The goal of this blog is to provide useful information on every aspect of workplace health - from wellness and injury prevention through to rehabilitation and recovery at work.

Employment Screening

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Employment Screening Helps Your Company to Build a Resilient Workforce

Employment screening is one tool that employers can use to develop a resilient workforce. Actevate partners with you to understand your unique challenges and design personalised solutions. Discover the benefits of health and psychological screening. 

Tips Regarding Employment Health Screening 

Monitoring health isn’t always a modern employee’s priority. Companies that provide individualised health screenings to their employees reap benefits by proactively addressing issues before they become problems. Discover the variety of screenings available:

 Health screening is an excellent way to catch medical problems long before they become symptomatic. The employee addresses complications early on, and the employer avoids lost productivity through prevention. 

 On-the-job health screenings offer many conveniences. When a health screening takes place on-site, employees appreciate that they don’t have to take time off work, and organisations see higher productivity when their employees spend less time away from the job.

 Substance abuse is a significant reason for absenteeism and safety risks for organisations. Companies can help avoid major issues by adopting a drug and alcohol screening for each employee. We provide pre-employment screening so that illicit drug users won’t enter the workplace without your knowledge, and existing employees receive the opportunity to benefit from intervention. 

 Drug and alcohol abuse is a substantial contributor to worker’s compensation claims, which costs organisations in productivity and funds. If your company can address drug and alcohol problems through intervention and support, then you may reduce costs and the number of potential days during which an employee is away from work.

 Organisations with high-stress jobs such as law enforcement and fire-fighting need to know whether potential hires can perform under the conditions expected of them. Workplace psychological screening is a valuable tool for companies to use to assess an employee’s fitness for a job and redirect workers to positions within a company that best suit them. 

 An online health screening provides employees with a way to assess depression and anxiety and seek professional help before these conditions become severe. 

 Additional benefits of psychological testing include identifying giftedness and high intelligence, which could influence transfers to different positions in which high mental aptitude is a requirement.

Problems Psychological Screening Addresses 

Psychological issues are prevalent in our high-stress world. We feel that it is better to address them before they become problematic. How can our psychological testing lead to timely intervention?

 Stress is a healthy and normal emotion until it blossoms into persistent anxiety. In Australia, 14% of the population has some form of debilitating anxiety. When an employee experiences excessive worry and feelings of dread, it will most likely impact those around him or her. Workers cannot function when they experience panic attacks. Providing information for ways to decrease anxiety is a benefit for individual employees as well as the workplace groups with which they associate.

 Symptoms associated with depression include exhaustion, difficulty sleeping, and indecisiveness, which all impact daily job performance. We work with employees who suffer from depression and guide them towards professional help so that they can find the counselling they may need. Organisations want to help employees who can’t cope, and we step in to help this process along. 

 As many as five million Australians suffer stress both at home and in the workplace. While no organisation is devoid of stress, employees must have the tools to deal with complications that arise from feeling overwhelmed. We provide a broad range of psychological services from pre-employment psychosocial screening to mediation to conflict resolution. Our psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors provide training, assessment, and treatment to employees. 

We provide the services that you need, from job-specific health screening to cognitive screening. You will benefit from a more productive workforce as you address issues before they become crises.

About Actevate

Our professionals partner with you so that your organisation can operate at the highest level. We build on our backgrounds in occupational therapy, sports and exercise science, nursing, and rehabilitation counselling. Our workplace injury management is outstanding, and we commit to offering you exceptional customer service that is personalised to your needs. 
We provide a full range of tools and support for employment screening. Please contact us to get started improving your workforce.

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