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The goal of this blog is to provide useful information on every aspect of workplace health - from wellness and injury prevention through to rehabilitation and recovery at work.

Exercise for Mental Health

Friday, October 25, 2019

There has been a lot of focus and discussion on mental health during the past few weeks of Mental Health Month - This is great for raising awareness of mental health issues and strategies to support and improve psychological well-being. 

Make sure your team has the support they need - Mental and physical health are crucial for positive and productive workplaces. 

Exercise is an increasingly popular suggestion to improve mental health and gain a more positive outlook. Many health professionals are in agreement that exercising regularly is a great tool towards not only physical health but mental health. Including the team at Actevate,

Our health professionals have encouraged many of our Return to Work + Pre-Employment clients to engage in an exercise routine to improve and support their physical ability and emotional well-being. This also benefits their performance at work and job satisfaction as they feel happier and healthier.

Mental health impacts every aspect of life - no one can give or feel their best at work if they are struggling with these issues. Supporting a healthy an active lifestyle among co-workers in and employees has the potential to improve the overall atmosphere and mood in the workplace.

It may seem difficult to encourage an active lifestyle at work but there are many ways to achieve this:

 Encourage employees to go for brief walks throughout the day 
 Implement a corporate health + well-being program
 Educational workshops on exercise + nutrition
 A weekly team sport (basketball, soccer, etc.)
 Provide an EAP so your team can reach out for confidential support be motivated to live a happier and more active lifestyle

More than 10 million Australians work 8 hour days and these suggestions are just some of the ways that employee health can be improved.

Improving employee health has many benefits not only on an individual level but for the business as a whole. It can improve productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction and the overall brand image as workplace culture becomes more positive.

For further information on how to improve the mental health in your work place - send us an email or call us on 1300 663 155

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