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Mental Health First Aid Training Sydney

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Actevate Offers Mental Health First Aid Training in Sydney

Actevate is well-known for the ways that we assist our clients in creating a healthy work environment for their employees, and we now offer mental health first aid training. Employers can easily overlook their workforce’s mental health. Many work environments and occupations are rife with stress, anxiety, and other issues that can exacerbate mental health issues. 

Our training will help your employees to assess their current level of mental well-being and create a culture in which they feel comfortable approaching and assisting others. Learn how to meaningfully address this overlooked but critical area of workplace health.

What You Can Expect from Actevate Regarding Mental Health First Aid Training

When most people think of first aid, they picture treating injuries by bandaging wounds or ensuring that a broken arm holds still while awaiting medical care. First aid and mental health are two concepts that are not connected in most people’s minds. This fact is understandable but unfortunate, and it is something that we’ve designed our training to change. 

Here is what you can expect from our mental health first aid training:

 The course will cover the prevalence of mental health problems in Australia and the principles of administering first aid for these issues. You will learn workplace risk factors and receive tailored assistance for your workplace. 
 The course is relevant to all roles, industries, and company sizes. The skills taught in the course can easily apply to the personal lives of those who attend as well as their professional environments. We can tailor the course to managerial levels to help ensure that employees are aware of legislative and regulatory requirements in your industry.
 Everything that we teach in our course is evidence-based and proven to help minimise the risks associated with mental health issues at work.

The Importance of Workplace Mental Health First Aid

Mental health issues can have a negative effect on the health of the person suffering from them while adding difficulty and stress to their work activities. When you take your employees’ mental health into consideration, you can better manage both their wellbeing and their productivity. 

The following points illustrate the importance of mental health first aid:

 Increased awareness of the importance of your employees' mental health will help foster a culture in which it is not a forgotten or stigmatised subject. As a result, employees will be more likely to seek help when they do feel overwhelmed. 
 Mental health policies represent a significant opportunity for improving employee morale and efficiency. Your employees will understand the importance that you place on assisting with their mental health.
 The taboo around dealing with mental health issues is generational. Younger generations are increasingly more likely to prioritise mental health. Fostering a workplace that considers mental health can help you to recruit new employees.

Why Trust Actevate Regarding Mental Health First Aid Training?

Our clients trust in the results that our services bring to their companies—results that we’ve built on years of experience across many different industries. During mental health first aid training, we shed light on this vitally important and often-overlooked aspect of workplace health. Between this service and our other mental health offerings, we provide practical solutions for creating a healthier and more productive workplace for your employees. 

If you are interested in deploying workplace mental health first aid support for your employees, contact us today.

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