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The goal of this blog is to provide useful information on every aspect of workplace health - from wellness and injury prevention through to rehabilitation and recovery at work.

Safe Work and Mental Health Month

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Mental Health is fast becoming the most challenging element of workplace culture. 

October is National Safe Work Month and Mental Health Month - which is a great opportunity to focus on mental health in the workplace. 

45% of Australians experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives.
Over 6 million working days are lost every year due to untreated depression.
12 million days of reduced productivity each year due to depression.
Stress related workers compensation claims now cost over $10 billion each year.
The average mental health claim costs $250,000.

Businesses that actively support mental health and a positive workplace culture build a brand image that attracts the most talented employees as they become known as great places to work. Openly supporting and accepting people with mental health conditions encourages diversity and inclusion in the workplace allowing your brand's image to evolve and reflect this positive environment. As a result, businesses can substantially reduce the cost incurred through workplace injuries and compensation claims. 

Early detection and awareness are key in identifying potential mental health issues and preventing the spread of negative workplace culture. Actevate provides a range of services designed to support and educate employers and employees on mental health in the workplace. 

How Actevate can help improve the mental health culture in your workplace:
Actevate offers evidence-based training in Mental Health First Aid in the workplace. 
The course is relevant to all roles, industries and company sizes, and teaches the skills to recognise the symptoms of various crises and illnesses. Employers will learn how to offer support, provide initial help and guidance through ongoing care. This works to empower employees to build a safe, productive workplace that supports mental well-being.

Our Employee Assistant Program offers a confidential short-term counselling program to determine concerns and evaluate employees needs. 
Employees may access EAP counselling to deal with a variety of concerns including anxiety or depression, grief and loss, stress or conflict management, work/life balance, etc. Employees can contact Actevate directly and arrange EAP counselling personally and confidentially. 

 Resilience Training
Actevate specialises in unique value-based resilience training which provides insight and strategies for dealing with emotional issues in the workplace. 
Resilience training has been shown to boost productivity, increase optimism in the workplace, reduce stress, build emotional awareness, and ultimately strengthen your team. Actevate tailors the program to your business and incorporates your existing support framework so your employees can become more resilient on an individual level and as a team.

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