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Office Exercise

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do your employees have aches and pains? Or is there a different kind of tension in your office? You, like most people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy workplace. Healthy minds plus healthy bodies creates productive employees with reduced absenteeism. Many companies are purchasing ergonomic chairs, sit to stand desks and dual monitors. But, unfortunately a perfect desk layout will not create miracles overnight. How can you encourage your workforce to get up earlier, exercise when its dark and cold outside, or get that little bit of relaxation they need to stress less? How can you enhance office cohesion, outside of meetings and the Christmas party? 

So what is next best thing on your workplace shopping list? Perhaps exercise classes - in the office. Exercise as we know has many benefits, it is just as important as replying to your long list of emails, this is why we need to introduce physical activity into our daily routine. Regular movement throughout the day can decrease blood pressure, stabilise our blood sugar levels, alongside reducing the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. After exercise, our body releases our happy hormone (serotonin). Imagine the improvements in the quality of work when it comes from positive minds. The great thing about exercise classes is not just the benefits to each individual’s health - it will also have a communal impact. Exercise classes do wonders for the social perceptions of participants. If exercising together improves social cohesion then perhaps this will reflect on how your team achieves goals together too. 

Now you just have to decide on what activity is best for your office. 

Slow paced: Yoga/stretching - For relaxation to decrease stress. A good regular stretch session is also great to reduce work related injuries related to muscle and joint tightness. This is the type of exercise which everyone will feel comfortable with. 

Higher intensity: Cross training/Strength focused/Boxing – for a real break from being sedentary and to enhance energy and positivity. This exercise is great for incorporating team building activities. Exercise for the office is the key to increasing your employees’ physical health, creating positive minds and improving team work. 

Exercise is your next best investment for a healthy workplace. 

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