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Train the Trainer

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Actevate's Train the Trainer Workshop is designed to empower participants to establish and deliver manual handling and ergonomics instruction

5 Benefits of Investing in In-House Training
1. Save Money Delivering training and providing support in house contain costs of external providers.
2. Save Time Having trained staff members at the workplace enables early identification of injury risks and review and assessment as issues arise.
3. Healthy Workers are Happy Workers Injury prevention is as much a culture as it is a deliverable service. By upskilling your own staff it helps to foster an environment which is supportive and health conscious.
4. The Insider ‘Knows The Job’ Manual handling and ergonomics are effective only when they’re task specific and relevant. No one knows the job itself as well as the staff from within the organisation.
5. Reduce Injuries from Induction Having skilled staff encouraging healthy and safe work practices from induction can ensure good habits are formed immediately.

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