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Brief Intervention

Brief Intervention is Actevate’s latest innovation for rapid injury resolution and return to work. This unique one-off service is carried out within 24 hours of referral and is designed to provide the education and tools that will coach and empower the worker, as well as their immediate supervisor, to manage the return to work process independently.

Our experienced brief intervention consultants liaise with the employer, insurer, injured worker, nominated treating doctor and physiotherapist creating an accountability action plan that commits all parties to securing a full return to work within 7-10 days. Our primary aim is to secure an immediate return to the workplace by way of negotiating the provision of suitable duties directly with the nominated treating doctor and the injured worker. We do this by identifying the most appropriate duties prior to conducting the Nominated Treating Doctor review.

Which cases are suitable for brief intervention?

  • When employers prefer to manage the return to work program in-house but don’t have the capability and/or resources to negotiate return to work with the Nominated Treating Doctor;
  • Cases that are within the first 21 days following a workplace injury;
  • Injury notification issued and provisional liability is now in place
  • Insurer has issued a notice indicating the claim is reasonably excused; however the worker is unable to carry out their pre injury duties.

What is included in the Actevate Brief Intervention?

  • Brief Intervention Assessment™ at the workplace
  • Liaison with Insurance Case Manager, Employer, Injured Worker, NTD, Physiotherapist
  • Attendance at NTD Case Conference
  • Travel
  • AAP Accountability Action Plan (owned by all stakeholders and graded SDP Suitable Duties Plan (owned by immediate supervisor and injured worker)

Trusted by some of Australia's largest employers:

"I am really pleased to hear that Actevate have agreed to part of the brief intervention model. I really think we will have a great working relationship. I was impressed with the rehabilitation consultants that you brought with you to the case conference."

Lini Collins
National Compliance Manager

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