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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is not just about the office desk – it’s about how we interact with our whole environment.

Book in for an easy one-off ergonomic assessment that takes care of the basic needs for one of your employees or more.   

Our ergonomic assessment addresses individual worker requirements.

  • Evaluation of the work area and correct set-up.
  • Look for optimal heights and angles for equipment.
  • Ensure good posture.
  • Address work patterns and breaks.
  • Impact of environmental factors.

Book in for a custom assessment that might need a more detailed examination of your employee needs. Our expert staff will walk you through the findings in the assessment and support you in any recommendations.

Injury Management Ergonomic Assessments

The Injury Management Assessment is a detailed ergonomic assessment aimed to assess contributing injury factors and ensure correct ergonomic set up and posture at the workstation. It is recommended for employees who report symptoms or pain and for workers with open workers compensation claims. The assessment includes:

  • Appropriately qualified Occupational Therapist or Exercise Physiologist conducts ergonomic workstation assessment at your workplace.
  • Review of workplace tasks and demands.
  • History of any relevant injury or pain is taken and potential contributing workplace and non workplace factors are explored.
  • Positioning of office furniture, adjustment of lighting, computer screens and related equipment is carried out.
  • Correction of posture and recommendation of specific pause exercises and stretches matched to the requirements of the job and the body type of the person.
  • Education of the worker on the principles of correct set up and adjustment with a handout provided.
  • Detailed report summarising the findings, recommendations and cost and source of equipment if needed.
  • Any work health and safety risks are identified and discussed with you following the assessment
  • A report that outlines all the findings for your records

Why choose Actevate for Ergonomic Assessments?

We pride ourselves on quality. All of our ergonomic consultants are allied health professionals and you can be confident that you will receive the highest level of service. We know that the ergonomics of each workplace is unique and we take the time to tailor our ergonomic assessments to your company's specific needs.

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