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Injury Management Consultant (IMC)

Actevate recognises the importance medical practitioners who understand the return to work and injury management process. As a result we’ve developed strong partnerships with a number of fully qualified, WorkCover endorsed Injury Management Consultants.

The IMC will work closely with you and our rehabilitation consultants to assess the situation, examine the worker and discuss possible solutions with all parties. This service is useful when an injured worker has slowed in the recovery process.

A follow-up report will outline the action taken, treatment recommendations and establish a timeline to achieve the rehabilitation goal.

Outcomes from an IMC assessment can be:

  • Support of the nominated treating doctor's opinion regarding return to work management;
  • Recommendations regarding revision of the return to work plan and/or certificate of capacity;
  • A suggested alternative action if an agreement is not reached on return to work management;
  • A true indication of return to work to pre-injury duties, modified pre-injury duties or a need to change to work involving a different job or different employer;
  • Exploring the diagnosis and its relevance to the injury and current treatment; and
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders equally to achieve realistic goals that are evidence based and treatment driven.

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