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Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training is an integral component of any robust injury prevention strategy, but evidence shows that this type of training is often delivered poorly. Actevate has provided manual handling education to thousands of Australian employees over the past decade; we have experience on our side.

Importantly, every business faces different challenges, so we tailor our training to the environment, taking into consideration the different roles, various duties, and the likely injuries that may occur.

What does Actevate's Manual Handling Training typically include?

Pre-training - Workplace / Task Analysis

It's important to us that we fully understand the environment you are working in, so we will conduct a workplace and task analysis to identify risks / hazards and customise our training accordingly.

Comprehensive Training Sessions

We cover the following in our manual handling training sessions:

  • Basic biomechanics and anatomy
  • The principles of injury prevention at work
  • The principles of safe manual handling techniques
  • Overview of workplace-specific hazards
  • Demonstration of workplace-specific manual handling techniques
  • Case studies and discussions

Every participant receives a training workbook and certificate of completion. 

Group sizes are normally 12-15 people per session.


After any kind of training, it’s always useful to have a follow-up session to make sure that the information you have trained your workers in sticks. This can be especially useful for workforces where a greater number of employees have English as a second language. This follow-up session is essential for ensuring that your workers have implemented any changes to reduce the risk of injury and workers compensation claims.

Why should you choose Actevate for Manual Handling Training?

  • We've been involved in workplace injury prevention for over a decade and have a truly comprehensive understanding of different industries and worksites.
  • We build custom programs that actually connect with and engage your staff.
  • We follow up - we believe that training is not a one-time transaction. We build partnerships and create systems so that your staff are kept up-to-date and have consistent reinforcement.

If you'd like to book a manual handling training session or just want to make an enquiry, please fill in the form below and one of our team members will be in touch.

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