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Mental Health First Aid Training

Actevate offers evidence-based training in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace, which assists employers to minimise the risks associated with mental health issues at work and helps to create a mentally health workplace. The course empowers employees to build safe and productive workplace that support the mental wellbeing of staff. 

What does the course cover? 

The course teaches you how to recognize the symptoms of different illnesses and crises, how to offer support and how to provide initial help and guide the individual to appropriate treatment and ongoing care. The program aim is to assist individuals to assess their current level of mental wellbeing, and feel comfortable approaching and assisting others with mental health concerns. Actevate achieve this by using real world examples and a highly interactive approach to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident to use the skills you will learn. 

The course address the following topics:

  1. The prevalence of mental health problems in Australia 
  2. Mental Health First Aid Principles and action plan
  3. Responses to mental health illness such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse 
  4. Workplace risk factors and protective factors 
  5. Tailored assistance that is available to your industry

Who should attend?

The course is relevant to all roles, industries and company sizes. Best of all, the skills you learn in the course can be transferred to your personal life. The course can be tailored to managerial levels to ensure that employers are aware of the legislative and regulatory requirements within their industry.

Why Actevate?

  1. Actevate’s training is contextualised to the needs of your organisation with integration of relevant policies and procedures ensuring the training is both relevant and practical to your organisation’s needs.
  2. Actevate will work closely with you to provide a bespoke training suite, maintaining the key principles whilst ensuring that it meets the needs of your training requirement. 
  3. Actevate’s trainers are highly experienced in Mental Health and workplace issues and will provide you with a realistic, engaging and relevant training course. 
  4. You will be provided with practical tools that you can use for reference if and when you need to. 

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