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One-off Assessments

Functional assessment

Click here for more information on our functional assessment.

Ergonomic assessment

Actevate understands that ergonomics is about evaluating the relationship the individual has with their entire workspace. Our ergonomic assessment, addresses individual worker requirements including the evaluation of the workstation, optimal heights and angles for equipment, posture, work patterns, breaks and stress management. Our experienced assessors will also recommend exercises and preventative measures to improve the worker’s posture, health and productivity. Click here for more information.

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Workplace assessment

This on-site assessment helps you to identify the physical, ergonomic and environmental requirements of the duties that an employee performs. We assess the tasks of pre-injury and/or current duties and we can assist you with identifying suitable duties following a workplace injury. Our detailed report including recommendations will support you with your return to work planning and will ensure a safe working environment.
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Manual handling training

Click here for more information on manual handling training.

Activities of daily living (ADL) assessment

In our ADL assessment we identify the self-care needs and modifications necessary for a client to function as independently as possible while recovering from an injury.

Our experienced Occupational Therapists use a holistic approach in their client assessments to determine how well a client is able to participate in their own environment physically and mentally. Specific recommendations are then provided to determine the level of assistance required, equipment prescription and modifications.

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Psychological assessments

Actevate’s team of qualified psychologists provide assessments that include:

  • post-traumatic stress debriefing;
  • immediate and critical psychological care following catastrophic injury;
  • psychological stress claim evaluation; and
  • pre-liability assessments.

Please contact us on 1300 669 552 or email us for further information.

Attendance at medical case conference

Attendance at medical case conference is required in cases that have stalled in progress. In this situation one of our experienced health professionals will assist in negotiations, fast tracking a return to pre-injury duties certification and providing full representation of your workplace to enable an upgrade in medical capacity. If you have to renew your WorkCover policy on the 30th of June let us help you achieve an upgrade of your injured worker's medical certificate, which may have a dramatic impact on your premiums.  We will review the rtw plan of a selected case, liaise with the agent, and attend the medical case conference. And we are confident that our experienced consultants will achieve an upgrade.

Please contact us on 1300 669 552 or email us for further information.

Post-traumatic stress de-briefing

Following a traumatic, catastrophic or fatal incident, our experienced triage team will facilitate the trauma counselling, liaison with family and work colleagues and help co-ordinate a outcome that reflects the needs of the worker, employer and governing authorities.

Please contact us on 1300 669 552 or email us for further information.

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