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Pre-employment Medical Assessments

You've come to the right place. The first step in creating safe, healthy and sustainable workplaces for your employees is effective employment screening. 

We emphasise the word 'effective' because the truth is that much of the screening done by Australian employers is ineffective. The problem is that, according to the best available research, it is questionable whether generic pre-employment screening programs actually work at all. Studies continually emphasise that only job-specific screening has potential validity in predicting and preventing injuries or claims. 

After years of analysing the research (read more here), we've developed a fully customisable pre-employment program designed to maximise both the predictor and deterrent effects to reduce injuries and claims.


We do this through: 

  1. Job-specific health and functional screening
  2. Health surveillance
  3. Drug and alcohol screening
  4. Psychological assessment
  5. Cognitive and behavioural screening
  6. Verification checks
Our unique Suitability Profile summarises the critical information from the screening in an easy-to-read report.

The Actevate Difference

Customers who partner with Actevate see a Return on Investment through:

  1. Reduced injuries and claims rates
  2. Enhanced engagement and psychosocial climate of the workplace
  3. Healthier, more productive workplaces
We build partnerships with our clients and work collaboratively to track the results over time. 

Faster Turnarounds

Actevate understands the time pressures associated with the recruitment process. With assessments scheduled nationally within three days, phone contact on the day of assessment and our unique Suitability Profile issued within 24 hours of assessment, we ensure you are able to make informed decisions to hire quickly and effectively. 

Your Personal Risk Advisor

Actevate acts as your recruitment risk advisor, assisting you with your recruitment decision making and providing complimentary expert advice to support you with reasonable adjustments, legislative and industrial relations concerns.

Better Technology

Our interactive portal system provides simplicity in booking and allows live monitoring throughout the entire pre-employment process - from referral to report. 

National Coverage

Actevate’s coverage extends throughout Australia and New Zealand. Wherever your prospective employees are based, we've got you covered.

Pre-employment Testimonial

"Cubic Interiors has been working with Actevate for over 3 years. Since their involvement in pre-employment medical assessments, we have been able to dramatically reduce the number of our Workers Compensation claims. We currently have 250 staff and contractors, with zero open claims. We find Actevate’s reporting system very efficient and we always receive valuable feedback on the day of the assessment. Actevate’s assessors maintain a high level of communication and we are very happy with the quality of their services. Cubic Interiors can certainly recommend using Actevate for injury management and prevention services."

David Elbayeh
OH&S Manager
Cubic Interiors

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