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Pre-employment Medical Assessment

Why conduct pre-employment medical assessments?

If a prospective employee has a pre-existing condition that is subsequently aggravated by their employment the employer is liable for the resulting compensation costs. In many cases such aggravation involves muscular damage, which is difficult to identify and frequently involves lengthy incapacity. A capable occupational health assessor is skilled in obtaining information relating to past injuries and ailments that a prospective employee may not have revealed to the employer.

Our pre-employment medical will establish a benchmark for any progressive disability, limiting the extent of any future liability for the employer. This especially applies to any employment in a noisy environment. In fact, a hearing test at the point of engagement is a mandatory requirement under the NSW WH&S Act where the employee has been or is to be exposed to workplace noise.

Our standard pre-employment assessment includes:

  • Previous injury analysis and risk assessment;
  • Clinical musculoskeletal pathology examination;
  • Joint range of motion;
  • Spinal assessment;
  • Task specific functional/lifting assessment;
  • Basic manual handling training;
  • Grip strength;
  • Contact with GP when necessary;
  • Audiometric screening (hearing levels);
  • Vision screening;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Hernia identification; and
  • Lung function.

The standard assessment can be combined with manual handling training and, if required, we also offer:

  • Urine drug screening; 
  • X-ray of the lumbar-sacral spine;
  • Kessler psychological testing.

Why choose Actevate for pre-employment assessments?

Injury prevention programs are most effective when they are collaborative and tailored to the employer's needs. At Actevate, we take the time to analyse your business and determine the key areas of risk. We can offer fully customised pre-employment assessments and integrate these into your overarching injury prevention strategy.

Pre-employment Testimonial

"Cubic Interiors has been working with Actevate for over 3 years. Since their involvement in pre-employment medical assessments, we have been able to dramatically reduce the number of our Workers Compensation claims. We currently have 250 staff and contractors, with zero open claims. We find Actevate’s reporting system very efficient and we always receive valuable feedback on the day of the assessment. Actevate’s assessors maintain a high level of communication and we are very happy with the quality of their services. Cubic Interiors can certainly recommend using Actevate for injury management and prevention services."

David Elbayeh
OH&S Manager
Cubic Interiors

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