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Resilience Training

Actevate’s unique value-based resilience training is designed to provide insight into one’s emotional resilience and provide practical strategies for application to develop resilience. Skilling staff with resilience training creates a workplace that experiences more cohesion, less stress / tension and greater productivity.

Benefits of resilience skills training:

  1. Boost productivity 
  2. Enhance optimism 
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Build emotional awareness 
  5. Create a stronger, happier and healthier team

Our program equips staff to:

  1. Recognise and promote personal resilience characteristics
  2. Identify resilient behaviours and coping mechanisms to address stressors
  3. Use techniques to effectively manage stressful situations
  4. Develop greater self-awareness about their own stressors and identify what increases and decreases their resilience 
  5. Be able to use resilience tools to increase personal effectiveness 
  6. Build a personal Resilience Plan that will assist in maintaining your resilience in almost any situation 

Our Training 

Actevate’s program is a tailored to your organisation and utilises the existing supportive framework to encourage individuals to boost their resilience. The program can be delivered to target individual or team resilience and has shown to have a significant effect on workplace productivity, general wellbeing and emotional awareness. 

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