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Work-Related Activity Programs

Actevate’s work-related activity programs incorporate structured, physical exercises and activities that reflect the employee’s pre-injury duties and overall functional capacity. By linking specifically to the work demands, we empower the injured worker so that they can successfully return to work. Our approach leads to industry-leading sustainable outcomes that WorkCover research proves saves $5 on claims cost for every $1 spent.

Our Work-Related Activity Programs involve:

  • Workplace assessments to ensure task management, and appropriate ergonomic adjustment.
  • Case-conferencing with a nominated treating doctor to negotiate upgrades in medical capacity certification.
  • Challenging fear-avoidant behaviour and introducing active coping strategies to help employees manage their injury.
  • Ensuring greater and more sustainable medical upgrades through education and motivational coaching.
  • Proactive collaboration with the injured employee and key stakeholders to ensure that realistic and sustainable return work goals are set and achieved.


Best Practice Injury Rehabilitation: 

  • Evidence indicates that an early return to activity is the best treatment for soft tissue injuries.
  • Focus with using active coping strategies to manage their injury rather then fear avoidant behavior.
  • Strong cognitive behavioral approach to ensure the injured worker is educated and overcomes any present psychosocial barriers resulting in greater and more sustainable upgrades.
  • Variety of programs including intensive, multidisciplinary psych and activity, and early transition of care.

Outcomes of Actevate's Work-Related Activity Programs:

96% of participants in Actevate's injury rehabilitation programs are fit for work upon completion.

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