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Injury Management Services

Actevate knows that by focusing on what we can do best we will deliver a unique and exclusive approach to workplace injury management.

Our return to work services are broken down into two clearly identifiable strengths:

  • actevating the return to work process – the paperwork; and
  • actevating the musculoskeletal, psychological and emotional drivers of return to work

Actevating the communication process between all the stakeholders involved in the claim insures the safest, durable and most effective outcome.

Our range of services will focus on the right job at the right time for a long time. We do this by adopting a proactive case management approach that encompasses the development of personalized and structured return to work plans.

Personalising the paperwork means that we take the time to identify the right service at the right time. The right time may be the first the few hours, the first few days or the first few weeks following a workplace injury. Actevate recognizes the value of immediate intervention. Utilizing a one-off assessmentpsychological assessment or vocational assessment at the right time means your injured worker will be empowered to return to work sustainably.

Actevating the range of services available at the right time will insure that your worker is empowered back to work with the help of a work related activity program or the support and guidance of an injury management consultant doctor specializing in the recovery of work related injuries.

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