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Workplace Injury Prevention Clinic

Actevate’s onsite Workplace Injury Prevention Clinic is a one-on-one assessment and training program specifically tailored to your employees and their job tasks. The aim is to provide education in workplace injury prevention with specific work fitness exercises, postural recommendations, manual handling training and safe lifting practice.

Whilst today’s workers have access to the most advanced technology they are not generally impacted by slick classroom style presentations. They do not want a rehearsed talk, or a manufactured spiel from management. Rather, workplace programs should be spontaneous and interactive so as to create an environment that is open and unintimidating.

The injury prevention clinic will be tailored to your company's specific needs and is generally divided into three sections:

  • Workplace manual handling and task analysis;
  • Worker strength appraisals; and
  • Clinic days.

About our injury prevention clinic:

The worker strength appraisals are individual assessments conducted at your worksite in a suitable area. The typical duration for each initial assessment is 15 minutes depending on the depth of assessment required. Following the completion of the assessment phase, a report will be generated for each worker outlining their physical strengths and any areas of concern. This summary report will provide details on current/potential injuries, health concerns and outline recommendations on training, exercises and treatment.

Following the distribution of individual reports, a clinic day/s will be organised where employees will have the opportunity to book a private consultation with an Actevate therapist. Each session will last approximately 10-15 minutes during which the employee can discuss his/her assessment results and be prescribed a work specific exercise program or undergo manual handling training.

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